Past Projects

Past projects and activity

Photo’s from the life of a Vajrayana Artist! There have been many projects, many beautiful results and more to come.

Gallery of a Mandala Class at the Mill Valley California Community Center



Some of Lama Pema’s work in the USA.

STUPA – Lama Pema and his brother Tshewang Seetar Rinpoche have built several stupas in USA. Here are photos of two


MURAL – This mural on the side of building was commissioned by Master Wang in San Francisco for his place of business.




THANGKA – In 2004 in Miami Pema was brought in to paint a large thangka for the Dalai Lamas teaching stage. This thangka was 30 x 50 feet and people from all walks of life in South Florida were able to come together and help Lama Pema with its creation.


ART CLASS – These are held by Dharma Centers and Community Centers, wherever there is an interest!


TORMA – This is a specialty of Lama Pema.


PRAYER WHEELS – The largest prayer wheel installation in this country is at Rigdzin Ling in Northern California. This is one Chagdud Tulku Rinpoches centers and it has many treasures. Lama Pema painted the artwork for these prayer wheels which was applied in a vinyl transfer process. Lama Pema also painted many of the thangkas in the main shrine hall at Rigdzin Ling and frescoes.


Vajrasattva Peace Mandala