Padma Karpo Thongdrel


ThongdrelFor people who follow Guru Rinpoche 2016 is a special year.

This year Yeshey Tshogyal Retreat Gonpa in Eastern Bhutan would like to create a Thongdrel for the Gonpa showing “Guru Rinpoche with Eight Manifestations”.

The size will be 21×30 feet in order to cover the side of the gonpa which is traditional.  Lama Pema will draw the design and local artists will do the hand sewing.  This will take many local artists many months to do, and will need to be completed by the end of Monkey year.

This is a beautiful project, taking place in a special year.  We hope you will want to join together with Lama Pema, Tshewang Rinpoche and all the artists and help create the Thongdrel.

Here is some information about the Gonpa, and news about the Thongdrel will be posted as often as possible on the blog.



Sangnak Chokhorling Foundation – Tshewang Rinpoche, Lama Pema

The sacred Dungkhor Temple is situated in the remote village of Lichen under Trashi Yangtse dzongkhag (district) in the eastern region of Bhutan.  In the 15th century, His Holiness Terton Ratna Lingpa* meditated on the temple site for several years and built a small stupa in recognition of the sacred place. This stupa is still preserved in its original state near the temple.  Later in the 16th century His Holiness Terton Pema Lingpa meditated on the site and blessed the sacred place.  Significantly in the 1960s, Mani Lama, a great Buddhist saint built a temple on this holy site and named it as Drukdrak Samdrup Choeling Gonpa.  Mani Lama meditated on this temple for several years until his final days when he entrusted the responsibility of the temple and Holy Buddhism teachings to Tshewang Sedar Rinpoche.




Thank You for your interest in the Thongdrel.

If you would like to discuss donations with Rinpoche and Lama Pema directly, please email
Lama Pema at

For donations of $250 (plus $20 shipping) let us know if you would like to receive a pack of earthy and fragrant Bhutanese incense. Send your name and mailing address to and please write PEACE in the subject line.