Art Workshops

 Great for Art Institutions, Community Centers, and more!

harma Art Workshops are a great opportunity to relax, focus and spend some quiet time with yourself.  These workshops are intended for non-Buddhist people to be a cultural exchange, where Lama Pema introduces one of the arts in a manner that is informative and ever so slightly adapted to Western culture.

The workshops are suitable for the artistically inclined and the not so! Lama Pema truly makes everybody feel at home. Art workshops can last a full or half day, depending on the understanding and interest level of the group. A typical day can open with meditation, mantra and prayer, or, with refreshments and conversation! Whatever is desired by and appropriate for the group.

Dharma Art Workshops are a popular program with art institutions & community centers.  They are a unique experience for your members, and an opportunity to learn from a recognized master.

Art workshops which are currently available are:

“Mandala workshops” 

All the painting materials will be provided. We request that you supply a suitable painting environment i.e. tables and chairs, good light source, a place not too noisy and a sink to wash brushes!


For more information about upcoming art workshops, or if you are interested in hosting a workshop and would like more information, please email:
Lama Pema holds these workshops around the U.S. throughout the year, when he is in the states.